Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Comment spammers and google juice

My blog entry on building a lego slide rule has been drawing a lot of comment spam. I wondered why. On a hunch, I did a Google search for "lego slide rule" and the post is the top result. So it seems likely that particular entry is a target because it's got some PageRank value.

What I don't get is how that page was identified as such by the spammers. Presumably they did not perform the same Google search as I did. So perhaps they evaluate every page on a given (comment-enabled) web site and check them all with some algorithm? A purported "page rank checker" gave both that page and one from the same time period scores of zero--- I don't know if there is some other tool which might show a difference.

(The other post which tends to attract a lot of comment spam is this old rant about Bing advertising. I have no idea what's attractive about that one.)
Tags: google, spamomancy, web
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