Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

One for the Daily WTF

While trying to restore a VMware Workstation VM that I had paused:


Error messages are hard. (No, really, they are!)
Tags: error messages are hard, software, vmware
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Real cause seems to be that lightdm picks an ungodly-large resolution (the maximum the virtual driver supports, I guess?) --- 2560x1600. And on restore Workstation gets confused:

Feb 17 15:24:35.573: vmx| SVGA phys sizes: 2560x1600x32 offset 0 fb 0x01000000
Feb 17 15:24:35.573: vmx| SVGA: Cannot find a mode for 2560x1600x24(32) pitchlock=8192
Feb 17 15:24:35.573: vmx| Msg_Post: Error
Feb 17 15:24:35.573: vmx| [msg.svga.checkpointBadBpp] To revert to this snapshot, you must change the host pixel format to match that of the guest. The host's current settings are: depth 24, bits per pixel 32. The guest's current settings are: depth 24, bits per pixel 32.
Feb 17 15:24:35.573: vmx| [msg.checkpoint.restoregroup.failed] Error encountered while trying to restore the virtual machine state from file "E:\Virtual Machines\Ubuntu 64-bit.vmss".

Fixing lightdm to use a smaller size seems to correct the issue.
Hmm... lightdm fix didn't work. New solution: only suspend while logged in. Or, figure out how to disable lightdm entirely and only log in via remote desktops.
Often, a really difficult error message is a cue that there is something wrong with the software. I have this limit I reach, how hard I want to work for how long on an error message, before I start asking question about the workflow and whether what we're asking the user to do is really reasonable.


September 20 2013, 19:24:16 UTC 3 years ago

So what is the answer to the problem?
As I said in the comment above, I didn't come up with a solution. I started only suspending the VM when I was logged in.
Just created a user name...don't like being in an anonymous state. So.....thing is, I can't restore the VM and I don't think I should discard the suspended state as it was installing....I'm new to VMs.
If it was the initial install, couldn't you just re-install if it appears to be broken?

I don't know of any way to resume. I can think of a couple hacks I could try if I absolutely had to, but I don't have great confidence in either idea (and if you're new to VMWare I can't recommend either.)

1. Edit the VMware config file to put a smaller screen size. Might not be possible.

2. Create a remote desktop which is as large as (or larger) than 2560x1600. The normal windows remote desktop only permits up to the screen size of the client, but maybe there is some way to work around that. Then start Workstation within that remote desktop.
I did just that...reinstalled it's stuck in the installing vmware tools....any ideas?
No, sorry. I don't even know if you are installing a Linux guest or a Windows guest? I recall having some problems installing VMware tools in the past but I haven't gone through it recently. You may not have to do the Workstation-based install of the tools, many Linux distributions have their own VMware tools packages that can be installed, for example:

Thanks for your time and help markgritter....I'll keep looking or I might switch to VirtualBox.