Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Poker wrapup

Four $1 tournaments, no cashes, not even any bubbles. I also went out in the middle of a $10 Stud tournament.

I signed up with Bugsy's. The table selection, it is not so great. But I got to play some 0.25/0.50 pot-limit Omaha (down slightly), 1/2 Stud/8 (up a bit) and heads-up 3/6 Omaha/8 (cleaned out my short-stack opponent). So I think I will be able to clear the bonus eventually. Very eventually.

My early tournament exits left me time to play some Stars 3/6 Stud/8 (a pretty good session until a couple bad hands knocked 10BB off the top) and PLO/8 (the usual suckitude--- I need to be doing something else while playing that game so I don't get bored and start playing crap.)
Tags: poker
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