Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Internet Startup is a Web 2.0 company leveraging the power of social networking, AJAX, and folksonomies to provide a compelling solution for a worldwide audience: finding lids for tupperware. Combining the best features of Google, EBay, Flikr, Freecycle, and Wikipedia, offers a virtual community dedicated to categorizing, exchanging, and selling tupperware lids. Our LidExchange marketplace connects unmatched tops with unmatched bottoms using geographic mapping to facilitate environment-friendly reuse and community building. The unmatched LidLynx program offers advertisers targeted ads based on locational proximity, tupperware inventory, and expressed user interests. Users of will find the state of the art in usability, open interfaces, and user-created content. is an early-stage startup company seeking venture capital to expand operations.
Tags: humor
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