Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Lack of hand-reading

Well, I made an $80 mistake tonight by calling with the 2nd nut straight and 2nd nut low at PLO/8. A player to my right had been betting pretty consistently at the board. A player to my left potted the river after both flush draws (I had one) had missed. Rather than thinking I just called. He had 9Txx for the top of a 678 straight. I, naturally, had A359. Stupid.

Usually I only manage to make $30-$40 mistakes, by going in as an underdog earlier in the hand--- this was a new low.

But I made up for it my winning $101 at the 3/6 Stud game so my Stars sessions netted just slightly positive.
Tags: omaha, poker
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