Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter


I plunked down about half my Stars FPP (1500) for an entry in a 1-table NLHE satellite to a $215 tournament, to try to win some T$.

I was doing pretty well in the early stages. I got AA early and bet my caller off on the paired flop; then I raised with J9s from the CO and raised the same guy off a scary board. The next time we tangled I had JJ and flopped a set. I should have stacked him, he had A2 two pair on the flop, but we both checked the flop, I potted the turn with three to a flush on board and he smooth-called, and then he minraised me on the river.

Then for several levels it was mainly small pots, with occasional blind reraises that worked to ward off obvious steals.

With 5 players left and the blinds getting large I got AQs in the big blind and the player just behind me in chips raised 3x from the button. He had projected a fairly tight image, showing down just AA, AK, and AQ so far. I foolishly pushed and he called--- with AK again. No miracle and I was left with just t50. We split the next pot (my A3 vs. his AT) but my next hand, Q9 on the button, lost to a 36 two pair in the big blind. (He also took out another player.)

I don't think I could have found a fold there. I didn't feel like I was the best player present, so taking some gambles was necessary, and even a tight player could be raising a broader range of hands here. But, my reraise violated the rule of using the minimum necessary to get the job done--- if he had a weaker hand I could have raised enough to push him off of it with no more than 1/3 to 1/2 of my stack.

I think this is definitely worth trying again, particularly if I make a higher tier of the Stars VIP and start piling up FPP faster.

Later: Which I did tonight, I reached the silver level.
Tags: hold'em, poker, tournament
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