Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

In which Mark is an embarassment to Omaha players everywhere

Tonight's tourneys:

Bugsy's $1 Omaha/8: 34/52. Basically nothing happened and then I was shortstacked.

Bugsy's $1 Stud/8: 7/47. ($2.82, net $1.72) My third consecutive cash in this event. I went nearly all-in with a 3456 draw, but only made two pair. With my last ante I got split queens, but they didn't hold up.

Stars $1 Omaha/8: 10/594. ($6.54, net $5.44) I blew it by chasing a bad low. (I blame the large number of times I was the only one with a low draw, or the only one with a low that had backup, or the only one playing anything decent at all.) In the SB I got an A3 suited hand that was good enough to play against a raise, despite being in 8th. But it got counterfeited on the flop, so it wasn't worth committing to. The next hand I pushed 35JJ (hey, it's a pair and a backup low, right?) since the shortest stack had doubled up to pass me. But both blinds called and the big blind had AA26 double-suited and made both a flush and a low. Ooops.

Stars $10+1 Stud/8; 62/208. I had just witnessed a bustout hand where rolled-up queens had lost to trip aces made on the river. So I was fully prepared for it when my (43)2A4K(A) lost to (48)256K(3). I had to commit on 5th street as I had jammed 4th. Before that I just had a long cold streak where nobody would gamble past 4th when I was involved.
Tags: omaha, poker, stud, tournament
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