Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter


I got 2nd in tonight's $7 KCL tounament. I played pretty well, I think. I made a bluff with a pair of 9s that I was almost 100% certain would not be called (and it wasn't), and made a couple of wheels and got paid off with one of them. Then in HU I got my rear end handed to me. Villian came over the top of my SB raises twice, and I had poor 1-card draws (or smooth 2-card draws.) I drew to a 9 and made it while he made a 76, and I called a big postdraw bet. Finally I pushed with a JT in the small blind, Villian called and stood pat. I didn't even try drawing and of course Villian has a T.

The $1 Stud/8 tournament was a debacle. Two hands vs. the same Villian crippled me. In the first, he had started with rolled-up threes but didn't raise my completion with (AQ)A. I got the third ace on 5th street and we went to war, capping 5th and 6th. Unfortunately he boated up on the river and I did not. Later I was hit by FPS; I raised the river to try to drive out what I thought was a better low, against his rough-looking flush. But, he had spiked an ace on the river to beat me for low as well. That left me with only about a bet left, and I eventually went with an A4Q that made a pair of 4s and lost to a pair of 6s.

I'm going to play the $10 Stud/8 tonight as well.
Tags: lowball, poker, stud, tournament
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