Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Top quartile at best

41/136 in the $20 Stud/8 tournament tonight. I hung on in last place for a long, long time, but once I had actually managed to accumulate some chips (OK, so about 2 big bets?) I donked them off with (QQ)3 vs. (AA)T. Actually both of us got beat by the shortest stack in the pot, who made his low straight despite bricking 4th and 5th.

198/837 in the $1+0.10 Omaha/8. At the point I switched from limping in to raising to enter, the flop started hating me. Raised A2QK suited, flop comes J2J. Raise KKQT, flop comes two low plus an ace. Raise AQT9 double-suited, flop is 232 with the wrong suit. Evidently I misjudged the moment.

There is a $5 rebuy Omaha/8 tournament and a $30 Stud/8 tournament yet tonight, I don't know if I will plan stay up to play in those or not. It's definitely too late to stay up just to go out in the top 25% but not get anywhere near the bubble.
Tags: omaha, poker, stud, tournament
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