Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Stupid exit from PLO/8 tournament

I put some more money in at Paradise since they have a deposit bonus this weekend. I was too late for the Stud tournament, so I thought I would join the Omaha/8 tournament that was starting in a few minutes. I realized when I saw a huge preflop bet on the first hand that it was PL, not limit.

So a few hands in I get AA3Q suited in late position and pot it after two limpers. They both call.

The flop is 2Q7, which I think is not bad for me at all. They check, I bet the pot, and Villian check-raises. Well, this puts me all-in, but I figure I am not in terrible shape, although I only have a backdoor flush draw.

I call and he has 47JQ for top two pair. It holds up and IGHN. Guess 'implied odds' paid off for him this time.
Tags: omaha, poker, tournament
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