Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter


Marissa and I were down in Apple Valley for an errand and decided to try going to dinner at "Enjoy!". It claimed to be creative American dishes with a European style. I made reservations online, which is convenient for those of us who don't like talking to people on the evil squawk box.

The restaurant is situated in the middle of a remarkably ugly townhome + apartment development, unfortunately. It has a big set of windows meant to gaze out over an artificial lake. But from our seat we could gaze across the freeway and see a Target.

The menu was uncreative, featuring nothing we couldn't get elsewhere. A couple burgers and pizzas, only three pasta dishes, some very standard American entrees, and steaks. We had a spinach-artichoke dip appetizer; the fancy cheese on top was good, but the rest of the dip was worse than what we can do at home. Marissa had a wild rice crusted walleye which was OK, and I had a steak that was somewhat more done and tougher than I expected. The grilled asparagus that I chose as a side was good, but the garlic mashed potatoes were too creamy and not garlicy enough.

The desserts made up for it, though. My green apple cranberry crisp was the right temperature and delicious. Marissa had spiced rum carmelized bannanas. We are curious about the source of their ice cream, it was excellent.
Tags: food
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