Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Honest, I guess, but still not what I like to be told

Email from

Hello Mark,

Thank you for your email. We get all of our exposure from the televised
events at the WSOP. The main event accounts for a huge amount of this
exposure. This would be the main reason most of our efforts are geared
towards getting as many of our players into this event as possible.


PokerStars VIP Team
----- Original Message -----
Sent: 2006/02/28 21:29:35
Subject: tourneys to non-NLHE WSOP events

>Please consider running some satellites for non-hold'em WSOP events
>this year.  I wouldn't really want a seat at the Main Event, but I am
>seriously considering paying my way into a Stud/8 or Razz event.
>Winning a seat at a PokerStars tournament would be great, and I'd be
>more than happy to go there wearing Stars gear.  ;)
>I realize that in the past W$ have been usable for other events, but I
>really have no plan to play Hold'em at the World Series so it's not
>worth it trying to win that first seat and then try for W$.
>At least one site has advertised themselves to me with "win a seat to
>any event" (which wasn't true) and one casino I play at has a Stud/8
>satellite--- but the prize is still a NLHE event entry!  This would be
>a great way to make PokerStars stand out.
>Mark Gritter

Now, maybe I pitched my email too much toward what was in Stars' benefit. But being told in almost as many words that "we're running these for our benefit rather than yours" is a bit much.
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