Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter


Have I mentioned that everything is broken?

Work: Almost completely broken trying to transition our system from a Linux 2.4/Redhat 7.3 to Linux 2.6/Fedora Core.

Firefox: I upgraded to a new version. Unfortunately the weather plugin changed providers to AccuWeather, who don't believe that Eagan exists. But, Firefox does now open URLs from other applications (i.e., mail) in new tabs rather than taking over whichever window happened to be last on top.

Gmail: I am unhappy with the behavior when your session times out, which is to just sit there until you decide maybe you should actually click on something.

Driveway: Theoretically cleared by the snow removal guy, it was nearly unusable even on foot. And he forgot to clear the steps again.

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