Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

No WCOP for me

I lost in the first round of the MN state qualifier for PokerStar's world championship of poker. I got all-in with AK vs. his AQ when he was short-stacked but he doubled up and I went card-dead. We were about even, with me having him slightly covered, when he raised from the button and I called with KT. The flop came 8AQ giving me a backdoor flush and gutshot straight. I called a modest bet, and the turn was a J. I check-raised but not all-in, he called. The river was an ace putting three spades on the board. I decided his most likely holding was an ace of some sort, but I couldn't fold my straight so I just pushed. He had A8.

I picked two bad times to make a move, surivived being dominated with J8 once and then lost 89 vs. JT to exit.
Tags: hold'em, poker
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