Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Poker on TV

I had the dubious pleasure of seeing 'Annie Duke Takes on the World' on my flight into Minneapolis last night. 4 amateur poker players play NLHE for a $1000 prize and a $10K heads-up match with Annie Duke. (I can't tell if they were supposed to be D-list celebrities or just random schmoes. One was an author and another was in a band.) Duke offers some advice while the four players are playing. I have the feeling that hearing the same things week after week would get pretty boring--- though it was played for laughs when she has to say the same thing over or upbraid the players for not following her advice.

The game itself either has blinds going up every 2-3 hands or else they are cutting out quite a bit. (They might never show chip counts because they don't want to admit there was action in between the hands that are shown.) Postflop play in the HU match was nonexistent.

I want a show featuring a big mixed game. Pander to me, TV!
Tags: hold'em, poker
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