Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Not-really-a-MTT win

I won the Poker Blogger's HORSE tournament that andrewhime organized. A stunning prize of $20 for beating seven random guys!

Despite donking off nearly all my chips in H1 and E1, I managed to make a comeback in R1 and S1 to about starting chips. I nearly doubled my stack in H2 with an AK offsuit that turned an ace and made tom_bayes fold.

4-handed I was in 2nd place but quite a ways behind "memento2199". (A BARGEr, not an LJer?) In S2 I took my JKJ with two clubs vs. buried queens from the short stack and made an ace-high flush to knock him out.

I doubled up to take first in E2 with this somewhat ugly hand:
Seat 2: mgritter showed [7d 8c 9h 6h Js 4h Td] and won (6,924) with HI: a straight, Jack high
Seat 6: memento2199 mucked [Qs 8s Qc 8d Kc 2d 3d] - HI: two pair, Queens and Eights

Jamming 4th with my OESD might have been excessive, but I figured he might be on a steal. I then took more of memento's chips by beating his rolled-up fives with 66T.

Hime knocked memento out in H3 with 54 vs. 5J by making fives full of fours. He proceeded to kick my butt in the remainder of H3 and take a 7 to 5 lead. I managed a scoop in O3 with A3JK despite counterfeiting my low vs. 678Q. This put me ahead about 9.6K to 2.4K, but Hime battled back and it was 6.4K to 5.6K in my favor entering R3. Then he went bezerk with (A2)A vs. my (23)5, and decided to commit with (A2)A2Q when I made (23)589, rather than save his last 1.7K and try to come back.
Tags: horse, poker, tournament
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