Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Intarwebs Thingamabobs

Three items that should surprise nobody who knows how the Internet really works.

1. Bob Parsons (of GoDaddy) exposes how unscrupulous registrars game the system in a scheme he calls domain kiting. (I haven't dealt with GoDaddy in any capacity, but Parsons offers an interesting look at the actual business of domain name registrations.)

2. Karl Auerbach (onetime ICANN director) reports that ICANN directors are still lapdogs of the ICANN staff and calls ICANN out on three strikes. Strike number 3 is rejecting .xxx. Ed Felten called it correctly, but I still maintain that .xxx will be back.

3. Bed Edelman (economist and spyware researcher) and Hanna Rosenaum released a report on "The Safety of Internet Search Engines". Many sponsored sites returned by search engines lead to web sites that are linked with spammers, spyware installation, or other misbehavior. I found this section broken down by categories from the Google "Zeitgeist" to be interesting.
Tags: dns, geek
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