Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Passive players... *sigh*

It's stud/8. You have a K-high flush (KQJ98 in fact). The only hand that is likely to beat you for high is another flush, but his ace is dead (and still showing!) The flush (76JQ board) checks, A33T bets (he's been passive so far), A773 calls and 76QK calls.

If you're not going to raise here, what the heck are you chasing your K-high flush for? You raised 6th when it hit, didn't you?!? Everybody is calling another bet here. Or two. Or three.

Am I completely off the rails here, or is this a no-brainer? Heck, many of the full house outs are dead!
Tags: poker, rant, stud
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