Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

First planting

My mother-in-law and I went to Bachman's in Apple Valley today. She likes to plan things out an buy from a variety of stores. I like to make one big trip to the garden store, followed by 1-3 smaller ones to Home Depot to pick up "just one more thing."

I decided to give the wildflower mix from cadithial's wedding a try, so one planter has two packs of seeds in it. The next planter is all snapdragons, but since I am unable to count, measure, and/or do basic math I am two plants short.

The planter closest to the door has herbs. The chives survived winter and are going nuts as usual. I put some cilantro between them and the blueberry bush, since the cilanto likes it there and wasn't happy at all where I tried growing it last year. (There was one very small volunteer cilantro poking its head up this spring, while last spring I had to throw most of them out.) I also put in some rosemary, lavender, and a Thai pepper bush. (The last two years we grew a Hungarian Wax Pepper, but I wanted a change.) There is room for some basil yet, which I wasn't sure was the case when I was at the store.

Still to be planted: marigolds and tomatoes in the front planter (the one that used to contain a tree.) I need to get over to Home Depot and pick up more dirt + manure to improve the soil there before planting. I am also somewhat worried about the drainage since it flooded frequently last summer. My plan is to add more organic matter, and to make the ground more level so that the water doesn't all run to one corner. I would like to put in some more "railroad ties" to create multiple heights but that is a project for another time.

I also have impatiens to go in the the back of the house (at least one will be sacrificed to the bunnies if all goes as usual) and some fancy impatiens to put in the spot where a bush died in front.
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