Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

I hate this poker advice.

"I like to make my hand and then put in bets on bigger streets." (In the 2+2 stud forum.)

Great. Let's throw away any equity edge, no matter how large, on the theory that our opponents are calling stations who will pay you off despite your scary board. Let's pass up any chance to knock out other players or set up a bluff. Let's desperately hope that if we catch good there are still players in the pot interested in betting or jamming and we don't just pick up the small pot right then. Because, you know, we don't have a made hand until 5th or 6th.

There are situations where it is correct to wait for a big street to show strength. Particularly in a passive game where you are only going to get one raise in, it makes sense to wait for 5th. And there are times when you really only want one bet to go in and you plan to check/call or check/fold. But if your opponents are paying attention (and your hand is not particularly well disguised) it is more likely that if you don't jam your draw you're not going to get that raise in at all.

The hand in question was a (69)78 vs. (xx)84 and (xx)86. While the OESD may not have much of an edge, I wouldn't mind putting in two bets here if it knocked one of the other players out. 6978 vs. A284 vs. 4586 with JK dead has a slight edge in favor of the first two hands, and they are about even HU. More importantly, the OESD improves his chances of a scoop from 6% to 22% if the third player folds.
Tags: poker, stud
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