Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Way to go, GamesGrid

We finally got a respectable crowd for NL Kansas City Lowball tonight: 12 players. So GamesGrid's server hiccuped and decided to develop a case of amnesia about said tournament about ten minutes in.

I'm sure that'll bring those first-time players from 2+2 back.

I did have time for one disappointing hand. I had a pat 86543 in late position. One limper entered the pot from middle position. I popped it about 3x to keep him interested. He called and rapped pat. So did I. He checked and I fired out a pot-sized bet (about $120 with stacks starting at $1500), figuring there was no way he was folding. But he found a way.
Tags: lowball, poker, tournament
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