Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

I heart Tycho

Tycho on P2P file distribution (which Blizzard used to distribute a World of Warcraft patch):

I find it somewhat scandalous that Gabe and Kara are into these guys for - since release - almost eight hundred dollars, and Blizzard still has the audacity to make people get their fucking crucial updates via BitTorrent, like they were pulling down the Deadwood pilot via illicit channels. Their little munchkin just shows up sometimes when you're playing, chows down on bandwidth, and doesn't tell anybody what it's doing. It's no dealbreaker - at least, not for their six million malnourished thralls - it's just shabby. There's no good excuse. It's like making people get the fucking patch out of one of those claw machines at the supermarket.

This is nearly identical to what my advisor would have to say about the matter. His view is basically that if you're running a real business, you have enough money to pay for content distribution, which doesn't leave a lot of space in the legitimate market for P2P networks.

Tags: geek, p2p
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