Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

$20+2 Stud/8 heads-up matches

The first round took forever (long enough for 3 Futurama episodes and the first break) and I had a bye.

I was the first one to win a match in the round of 16. (Only 4 places play again tonight, just 26 entrants.) My opponent was a total donk--- bluffing all the way when he had nothing but a small pair, calling all the way when he had even less. The biggest pot he won was 508 chips when I made a rediculous calldown. Every other time he came up with a big hand, I had a bigger one or a low. In one key hand I made queens-up on fourth vs. his jack up. He paired 9s on 5th, bet, and called my raise. He hit running threes for a boat on 7th but I had another queen for queens full and scooped a 15 big bet pot. (He didn't have jacks, he had 83J.)

Later: My streak of final-table victories ends at two, I took 2nd for a $130 prize.
Tags: poker, stud, tournament
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