Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Still in after 6 hours

It's the dinner break (90 minutes) and I managed to get above starting chips again.

We started with 1000 chips but somebody must have complained because they went around and gave us another $500.

Harrah's is teh suck--- our tournament clock is on the opposite side of the big room, while the Hold'em shootout clock is the one most easily visible from our area.

I had 1550 after level 1, and 1695 after level 2. At the end of level 4 I had droppd to 1320 after getting in trouble with (of course) a high hand--- TT9. My opponent caught both my other T's and my straight didn't come in.

I survived three all-ins in level 5 and 6 and actually improved my chip count to 1720 on the last hand, when I made a weak low (with a gutshot straight) but it held up for half. I didn't play it very well--- the player to my left had aces-up and I should have figured out he had it and tried to get the third player out of the pot.

The player to my right is a WSOP newcomer who has won two events this year and placed 3rd in another. He's head of the PoY leaderboard, I think. He has lots of chips.

Howard Lederer was on the table behind me but disappeared for long periods of time, probably to play the shootout.

72 places play, they did not have an updated player count. (CP says 400-some, but I don't believe it.)
Tags: poker, stud, tournament
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