Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter


I'm out. The tournament was still listing 448 players when I exited, but I don't have any idea how accurate that was.

So here's the thing. I counted my chips before I left. The total recorded in my notebook was 1200 + 450 + 50 + 20 = 1720. 12x 100's, 18x 25's, and 14x 5's.

When I came back from the dinner break, one of the dealers attracts my attention and says that he knocked over Jeff Madsen's chips. I count my chips. I have 1325: 12x 100s, and only 5x 25's. Madsen has about the right number of chips and, importantly, he doesn't have excess $25s, he has two big stacks of $100s and a $500.

Now, it's certainly possible I screwed up. But I don't see how I could have seen three $25 chips and written down $450. So I call the floor, he calls some honcho, they run the tapes. The answer that comes back is that it's "inconclusive": nobody touched them during the break.

This left a bad taste in my mouth.

During level 7 I had a (A6)4 with two other aces in the pot and had to get out when Madsen raised 4th into my brick. He had buried queens that ended up making quads.

I also had a small pair/small kicker that had to be folded on 4th.

I went all-in with (24)34 heads-up against a player who had caught aces on 4th. I made my low but he got two of the 5's so I was a dog to fill in my straight.

My chip stack dwindled further at $25 antes, so I tried a steal against this player with (29)A two-suited. I caught a Q on 4th and he bricked (a 9, I think) but he called my bet and I had like $75 left to put in on 5th. On 6th I was still ahead for high with my AKQ (and he hadn't completed his low) but I couldn't find a pair on the river and he did.
Tags: poker, stud, tournament
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