Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

One last Las Vegas note

I did end up seeing "Viva Vision" (the big overhead LED display) on Fremont Street.

I think the technology is cool. But I think they did an incredibly lousy job at actually designing a show for the display. There's no point in having a multi-block-long screen if you're just going to treat it like a bunch of screens of conventional aspect ratio. Almost all of the video was 8-10 repetitions of the same image (but blended together fairly smoothly.)

If you're going to have a line of dancers across the tops of the buildings, hire enough dancers that they're all unique instead of the same dozen people displayed over and over again.

If you're going to extend the screen across multiple blocks, I expect something to fly in a continuous animation from one end to the other. It may be trite, conventional, and merely showing off the technology rather than making an artistic statement. Tough. Do it.

I also expect to see at least some attempt to create a false view of the sky. These are just the obvious uses of the screen. I'm sure they have enough money to pay somebody more talented to come up with better ones. Instead it looks like they got a conventional videographer to design a more-or-less standard video that could be played end to end.

P.S. Lousy computer graphics still look lousy on a huge display.
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