Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Garden Update

The cherry tomatoes have started to ripen; we ate the first ones this week.

The big tomatoes have caused the wire framework holding them to bend and collapse. I put in some wooden poles to try to keep them somewhat more vertical. Unfortunately the only big tomatoes to ripen so far have been rotten.

Our blueberry bush in front is very unhappy. Its leaves have started to turn brown. I think this is because of the heat. We will try giving it extra water. The cilantro is in a similar state. The Thai pepper plant has a couple of red peppers on it. I have no idea when these are actually ripe; I'm happy just treating it as a decorative plant. The rest of the herbs seem perfectly happy.

The snapdragons have a scattering of flowers on them but have a lot of kinda ugly ex-flowers. I'm not sure whether I should be cutting them more aggressively when the flowers fall off or what.
Tags: garden
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