Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Local Poker Tournaments

Canterbury Park announced their Fall Poker Classic schedule. They have a $200+30 Omaha Hi/Lo event on October 18th, and a $200+30 7-card Stud event on the 19th. The rest of the events are LHE or NLHE at $200+30, $300+40, $500+50 and the championship at $1000+70.

The structure of the Omaha event looks pretty aggressive. $2000 chips to start at 25/50 limits. Unfortunately the limits double for the next four levels, and the levels are only a half hour long, so after two hours you're playing 400/800 and your starting chips are less than three big bets.

Same with 7CS, 2000 chips to start, 30 minute levels, 5/10/25/50 and the same limit structure up to level 6.

Still, it might be fun. Maybe not fun enough to be worth taking a vacation day, though.
Tags: omaha, poker, stud, tournament
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