Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter


I have been playing a little bit of Railroad Tycoon II again, and actually played around with the map editor for a bit. I tried to create a very silly scenario where you had to buy out the national oil monopoly to win.

The scripting (event) system is fairly powerful, but like most games, it doesn't actually have triggers for everything that happens in game--- one notable absence is mergers. As a programmer, I would like anything that can happen or can be effected to be present. (I'm a big fan of SWIG, which lets you pick up nearly any C or C++ interface and use it inside Perl or Tcl or whatever...) But I think that what generally happens is that only those features which in-house scenario designers use (or think they will use) get implemented and tested.
Tags: games, geek
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