Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Free Crud (from Full Tilt Poker)

Looking for a home:

Full Tilt mousepad. My old mousepad was getting cruddy, so I decided to use one of the ones they gave me. Now I can smush Howard Lederer's head with my mouse. Whee.

Full Tilt bottle opener on keychain. Circular with Full Tilt logo. No heads to smush. Claimed by Luke.

Full Tilt iPod covers. One full-sized, one nano-sized. These were very puzzling when I first pulled them out of the bag. Claimed by Bei.

Full Tilt baseball cap. I'm never gonna wear this. If I feel the need to wear a cap while playing poker I'll wear my EFF hat.

Local people can pick them up free. Remote people can have them for the price of a mailing envelope + postage. I don't expect many takers.
Tags: poker
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