Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

How stupid am I?

Do I really want to play a $36 Razz satellite while I'm still in a Turbo 200FPP Stud/8 satellite? I do not.

There are some hands to really treature here. Like the guy who folded open jacks on 6th street to a $6 bet. I was about ready to get rid of the hand but my two pair was good for the the high half, with the all-in player getting low.

Or the queens-up on 4th who just... can't... put it down, despite being up against aces (whom he did have beat) and open kings.

Or the guy who called my opening raise --- (TT)Q --- with 4c8cJc, caught Ad Js 5d 8h to my 9h 7h Qc 2d and just couldn't find that 6th or 7th street fold after giving a free card on 5th, leaving himself crippled. After all... I might have just queens. Right.

9/90 at the moment but it changes fast. (Oops, make that 13th.) If I bust out I'll play Razz, otherwise not. 13 places get a 3000 FPP entry, 14th gets his 200FPP back.
Tags: poker, stud, tournament
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