Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Folding to a Reraise in Razz

In Razz, you're often stealing into one or two low cards with a sub-standard starter. Sklansky's recommendation if you get reraised is to just fold immediately. I think not doing so is a fairly common mistake among weak Razz players.

Obviously this is not true in all circumstances, though. If you are getting 3:1 or better (as is common) and are going all in, you should probably call with a strong two-card low.

A23 vs. AK2 : 2.8 to 1
743 vs. AK2 : 2.5 to 1
873 vs. AK2 : 2.1 to 1
973 vs. AK2 : 1.8 to 1

A23 vs. K84 : 3.3 to 1
743 vs. K84 : 3.0 to 1
873 vs. K84 : 2.3 to 1
973 vs. K84 : 2.1 to 1

Sklansky goes into some detail about what you should do with a 9- or T- low when reraised. I think for tournament strategy it would be interesting to have an idea about what stack size commits you to calling the reraise and seeing 4th.
Tags: poker, razz
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