Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

I can't believe it has come to this

Via jonathankaplan, a Zogby poll on civil liberties:

"Would you favor allowing these methods if it meant increased protection from terrorist acts?" Each question with positive responses for all, Democrats, Republicans, and independents.

Allowing video surveillance of public places: 80/77/87/74
Allowing your purse, handbag, briefcase, backpack, or packages to be searched at random anywhere: 55/45/66/52
Allowing regular roadblocks to search vehicles: 48/38/62/44
Allowing your car to be searched at random: 45/37/60/36
Allowing your telephone conversations to be monitored: 37/20/56/34
Allowing your mail to be searched at random: 36/26/49/31

I'm trying to describe my response without resorting to bad language....

You proto-fascist, ignorant idiots. We elected this incompetent monkey to be our national leader, and now he's got you so scared of 600 deaths per year that 55% of you are willing to allow the police to conduct random searches on the streets. (600 deaths = one 9/11 every 5 years, which is the maximum rate we've experienced so far. Compare with 40,000 automobile accident deaths per year.) Look yourself in the mirror. Get a book from the library, if you can still remember how to read, and reacquaint yourself with the ideals of our nation's founding fathers.

I guess freedom is just too scary of a concept in a world that has murderers in it. Because we never had any of those before 2001. Grow up.

I have nothing but contempt for the 49% of you who identify as Republicans and think it's a good idea for some government dingbat to search through my personal mail, at random, without a warrant, on the off chance that I might be a terrorist. I can safely say that I will never vote for any member of the Republican party, for as long as the Republican party continues to support torture, indefinite detentions and secret prisons, rampant warmongering, unnecessary and incendiary social wedge issues, reckless budgetary imbalances under the cloak of responsibility, a police state based on universal surveillance, and general incompetence. You're a Republican who doesn't embrace those? Put up or shut up. Leave your party or admit you're complicit in its excesses.


P.S. Are there Democrats guilty of all of these? Oh, you betcha. But they're not the party in power. I'll happily work to throw them out of office should they screw up too. I'm adhering to a strict one-strike rule in my voting this year, and I'll vote for the looniest fringe candidate I can find if necessary.
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