Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

HORSE results

In the PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker $215 HORSE tournament:

I exited in 28th place for $1,258.60, netting just about $1000. (I had entered via a satellite so my 'original' cost was slightly lower.) Tom owned 3% of me and gets $37.76.

andrewhime (djhomeschool) battled heroically but busted out in Omaha in 47th place. He gets $1078.80. I own 1/3rd of his equity in this tournament so I get $359.60 back from my investment of W$82.

tom_bayes busted out OTM (426th) and should hurry up and send me my 3% of $0 if he wants to get his 3% of my prize.

A total of 1798 players entered.

Other LJ'ers and bloggers:

entrager: 239th
davebreal: 267th
grandgnu: (ajmartino, also grandgnu on 2+2): 95th ($539.40)
Matt Matros (jacksup): 25th ($1258.60)

Other 2+2'ers:

dogmeat (Zimba): 19th ($1618.20)
durkahdurkah: 68th ($899.00)

I think grando, Dunkman, and MLG also went deep. I played with ajmartino, don't know these other guys.

Pros (or at least authors):

Bill Chen: 100th ($539.40)
Lee Nelson (LeeNelsonP): 83rd ($719.20)
Tom McEvoy: 155th $287.68
Greg Raymer (Fossilman): 1504th

I butted heads with Lee Nelson.
Tags: horse, poker, tournament
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