Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Tonight in KCL!

So many questions:
-- Will Mark take 2nd for the third week in a row?
-- Will the tournament even run for a third consecutive week?
-- Will diamondjm return from his long absence and demonstrate his mastery of the two-card draw?
-- Will pb9617 ever be able to play again?
-- Is tom_bayes really a weak-tighty?
-- Can timprov find a laptop power supply that will work so that he can both play and watch the Twins?

GamesGrid, Tournament 21240, "$300 Guaranteed", $15+1.50 no-limit 2-7 lowball, 21:30.

EDIT: I forgot to ask "will GamesGrid stay up long enough to play the tournament?", but it appears to have disconnected me.
Tags: lowball, poker, tournament
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