Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Yay, Boring Manager Crap + a Twice-Run Scam

I did not write any code today, but it was what I expected. I did manage to close a few bugs, though.

At least I'm making good use of the time in California to meet with people face to face instead of getting sucked into whatever high-priority item needs to be worked on.

No car surprises this trip, either. I got a beige Ford Focus. Whee!

I believe one particular individual has tried the same scam on me twice now.

Elderly gentleman in slacks and a sport jacket asks if I have a gas can. He explains that he works at [local restaurant] and lives in [local neighborhood not too close] but his car ran out of gas and is stopped in a bike lane on [somewhere just too far away to verify.] He will be late for work, get in trouble there, and the police will tow him costing him $[xxx]. Can I help him out with $18 for a gas can and gas? He'd mail it back to me.

This line was run on me a year ago or so as Matt, Per, and I were leaving dinner and walking to our respective cars in a city parking lot. Tonight I got it outside the Walgreen's where I'd stopped to pick up some snacks for the hotel room.

No, he didn't need a ride to a gas station. Somebody else was already helping him out. They just needed cash. Because Walgreen's had turned out not to carry gas cans.

I love how the plethora of detail in this story only serves to decrease its credibility. FWIW, I'm pretty sure there are no bike lanes on El Camino Real anywhere between Palo Alto and San Jose.

Bonus random fact: Facebook occupies that building that used to have a decent Japanese buffet. The Japanese non-buffet that replaced it has been replaced in "Junnoon", which appears to be upscale Indian.

Tags: travel, work
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