Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Sicko #1

I seem to have acquired the flu (or something similar) out of thin air, because I certainly didn't go out or see anybody over the past week. I'm on the mend after getting sick early Saturday morning, although still not eating much. Unfortunately mrissa has caught it from me. I have hope that timprov may yet escape.

Certainly not up for any poker yet, nor even computer games. Mainly I've been rereading the Discworld "Watch" novels.

On Friday I learned that my boss gave me a "1" rating. (Personally I think this was somewhat unjustified as I don't feel I've been doing a top-20% job at managing.) But it's nice to be appreciated. I also got a 3% raise (any more would have come at the expense of somebody else in my peer group, so that's fine). And Sun exceeded its financial goals for the first quarter, so everybody will get a nice-sized bonus.

Still, given the choice, I'd rather have had less money but less sick. What ratio of the two would you find acceptable?
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