Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Alone with the Bop

mrissa and timprov are off having their respective weekend fun, while I am left home with missista. She got two walks today because she decided that the pre-dinner walk had not been enough. So she came to my office and nosed gently at my knee until I got the hint.

I plan to play KCL tonight if it runs. (7 players with 15 minutes remaining, I'm hopeful. LATER: Looks like 14 entrants tonight.)

Bonus poker/Klingon/Mike Ford content, from The Final Reflection (with the plot stripped out):

"How many cards?"
Krenn took three cards. He adjusted his hand: a four, a King, and three nines. Maktai tapped his three-fingered hand on the table and took one card. Mak caught his tongue between his teeth and let his cards fall, face down. Krenn looked at him; it had taken a long time to teach Mak that folding was not the same as regination: that the courage of the game was not in throwing resources into a pot already lost. Still, they were losing to the Human.
Dr. Tagore said, "The gentleman drops. And dealer takes two. Bet?"
"Check," Krenn said.
"You've stayed in practice."
Maktai said, "I paid for it."
Dr. Tagore said, "All rights. Dealer bets three." ...
"Call, raise two," Krenn said. ...
"I'll see that, raise you five."
Krenn looked at his three of a kind, at Dr. Tagore's face.
He let his cards fall. Maktai looked sidewise.
Dr. Tagore put his hand face down. Maktai reached out; Dr. Tagore's finger came down on top of the cards. "You didn't pay to see those," he said.
Maktai withdrew. "I forgot the rule," he said quietly.
Dr. Tagore nodded. "No insult was assumed. But not every game is as friendly as this one."

Analysis: We can probably assume they are playing with antes rather than blinds. Otherwise Krenn's open-limp with a pair of 9s is horrible.

Maktai's open-fold out of position is horrible. He will never get paid off with his straights and flushes that way.

Assuming 3 chips from antes in the pot already, the pot-sized bet is OK. Krenn's small check-raise is just screaming to be called (and in most games he would be required to raise to at least three chips, not two) With a slightly larger bet, however, he may have gotten to show down his hand. As it is Tagore may well have taken the pot away from him with a worse hand.

We cannot tell if Tagore is a habitual false-carder or if he really is likely to have started with trips. Presumably Krenn thinks he started with only a pair, or else the check-raise is sheer folly.
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