Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

TD on testpokerstars


Slow animation (turned it off, game is still kinda slow.)
Big blind has button heads-up.
Number of discards is not displayed for very long (I turned on 'everything' in dealer messages and that helped.)
When not in a hand it just shows '3 draws remaining' the whole time.
Players get their replacement cards right away.

Things they got right:

Can select discards at any point.
Number of draws remaining is very prominent.
Cards are replaced, not moved around, so that your draw is not obvious at showdown. (I think I saw cases where the HH and dealer chat don't match what the UI showed me in my own hand, but I could be wrong.)


I don't really know how to play PL; but NL triple draw is just weird.

(Five people registered for KCL at the moment... I was having trouble accessing GamesGrid earlier this evening.)
Tags: poker, triple draw
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