Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Garden City, Again

ddb and I went to La Bodeguita del Medio for dinner tonight. I had the rum-marinated prawns, which were pretty good although not as flavorful as I would have liked. (Though the rosted corn & pepper "mezcla" is quite tasty on its own.)

After a brief stop at the hotel room, I headed back down to San Jose to play poker. Like last night, I got seated at a 6/12 Hold'em table right away while waiting for a Stud seat. I won one hand--- with 89 in the big blind, I flopped an OESD, called a flop bet 3-handed, got a free look at the river, and made my straight but didn't get paid off. Still, that was enough for a +$34 session. (I could have won another hand if I'd stuck around with my button 66, since the two hands that saw showdown after a 239 flop were A3 and 2x.) ts4z came and sat down when his 8/16 table broke; later he said he had a great time there getting hit by the deck. (While still seated I saw him river an ace to make top two pair and take a nice pot away from a flopped two pair.)

They started a third table of Stud/8 after not too long. It was a great night for my rough lows. Twice I scooped with an 8-high straight, including one huge pot jammed multiway on 5th, and once I managed to jam both 6th and 7th with a low against an ace-high flush and a J-high straight flush. I ended up +$356 (44 big bets) in a session of about two hours. Our table was chronically short-handed and broke at around midnight. Somehow I ended up third on the list with two players getting seats at the other table still going, so I left. (One player "quit" but after the table broke came back to draw a card.)
Tags: poker, stud
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