Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

First CA trip of new year

I'm heading back out to California on Monday. I forgot to choose an office further in advance, so I have a reservation in one of the two-person flex offices. Maybe nobody will show up for the other desk. (It is, however, the best of the two-person offices.)

Despite attaining Summit status on Frontier (think "elite") for 2007 I'm flying Northwest. Yay for non-stop flights! No Denver snowstorm is going to ruin my trip!

My new boss wants to take everybody in the group out for something fun. We discussed going to a basketball game or the Tech museum. But the current plan is to go up to House of Nanking, following the tradition I set up when I took over the group.

I will no doubt play some live poker, too--- the 4/8 Stud/8 game at Garden City (and 6/12 HE if there's a wait) and the 10/20 half-kill Omaha/8 at Lucky Chances (on Thursday if it runs.)

missista is very concerned about me leaving. The suitcase is never a good omen. She is keeping me company while she can, and has been a very sweet puppy today. (mrissa has been sweet, too, but Marissa is never a brat...)
Tags: travel
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