Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Games and Head-Eatingness

The poker hiatus continues... haven't played since mid-January. Unlikely to play live this month, since Marissa and Tim are coming along to San Francisco. (Yay!)

Instead I have been working late, reading, and playing TES: Morrowind.

What I recognized today is that Morrowind has "eaten my head" more than poker even has. I will find myself thinking about the game in random moments, while poker is easier for me to just "put down" unless I'm working on an interesting problem. (For example, at dinner today I realized that the "Amulet of Light" probably works in the same way as other targetted magical effects: it needs to be directed at a creature to take effect, not at an architectural feature. Despite the latter being more useful.)
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