Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Article and Miscellany

My triple draw article went live today at 2+2 Internet Magazine. It probably could have used at least one more edit. But the editor didn't request any changes this time.

I am off to California tomorrow. (Early. Blech.) I'll stay over the weekend and come home on Tuesday. We are having a party to celebrate our product launch.

Monday is Garden City's "WSOP Warm-up" Stud/8 tournament. I will not be playing. :( It just seems wrong to be in the same metro area as a Stud Hi/Lo tournament and not enter. Maybe there will be some good side games in the evening. (But I'm not counting on it.)

I need to rearrange my office furniture yet tonight so that the painting can begin tomorrow.
Tags: poker, travel, work
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