Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Less Than Pleased

I got bumped from the hotel that I had reserved in Mountain View and bumped to a different Extended Stay in Alviso. (Well, they say it's San Jose but I know better. It's in the middle of nowhere.) The wireless internet access sucks. This is the same hotel I stayed at while taking manager training at the Santa Clara Sun campus. I felt no need to come back then.

Not sure whether I'm bailing to my usual hotel, or trying to get back into the hotel I originally planned. I kind of wanted the kitchenette for my weekend stay.

Also, I was delayed for an hour in Denver this morning due to an ATC hold coming into San Francisco. (They shortened it to a half hour but I don't think we took off on time.) minnehaha B says he never has problems coming into or out of SFO, but I pretty much expect it.

Tags: rant, travel
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