Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Company Picnic

I had to leave the launch picnic earlier than I would have liked due to allergies. My eyes were tearing up something fierce, and I wanted to leave while I could still see to drive.

I got to see a lot of co-worker's families that I had not previously met, or not seen in a while, and a few Kealia-related people I hadn't talked with recently. I chatted with Fusun about ex-DSGers, met Gordon Garb's wife and puppy, talked with my old boss Denis and with Ali (his and Henk's boss.) I met David's wife in person (having, I think, only read about her in his blog) and my manager Subodh's wife as well. There were very many small girls, far more than small boys.

Unfortunately, yours truly did not plan well for this weekend so I had neither hat nor sunscreen. I eventually borrowed both, but I have burnt forearms and a pinker-than-usual face.
Tags: travel, work
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