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I "finished" my planting today. (As in, everything that had been bought has been planted.)

I had already put in a tree in the front planter. It is small and ornamental, so there was room for three tomato plants (a Cherry Red, a Big Boy, and a third variety I can't remember--- Astounding or Amazing something.) I also put marigolds in this planter again, but not nearly as many as last year.

The top section of the walkway is almost entirely herbs. The chives came back enthusiastically, as usual, and the blueberry bush seems to have recovered from the extreme heat last summer (and bunny-chewing over the winter.) I had a few volunteer cilantro shoots and put in a few more from the nursery. I put in some purple and white alyssum as a border. This year I'm trying jalapenos and habaneros for pepper plants, as well as the usual basil, thyme, rosemary, and lavender.

The middle section of the walkway has violas in blues and purples. The bottom section has a mix of tall and dwarf snapdragons in a variety of colors. I'm a little disappointed I didn't get any volunteer snapdragons. Not motivated enough to save seeds, though.

The (ground-cover variety) phlox in a raised area next to the driveway were simply not thriving. Last year I had four plants--- this year only two (and a tiny little stub) came back. So I transplanted them to a different spot and put in two replacements, although I'm worried that their new home may get too much less sun. I also put in a "big" phlox for some fall color.

In its spot I put a achillea 'paprika' (yarrow). The label said it might be able to better deal with heat, dry, or poor soil--- whatever the problem actually is. :) It is rated for zones 3-8 so should survive the winter.

I was hoping to find a perennial to put in a bare spot in the back. Normally I have been putting impatiens there, but last year the bunnies devoured them all. (Ista dug a couple of them up, too.) But nothing in the shade perennials really spoke to me.
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