Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

WSOP thoughts

Event 47, the $1000 Stud/8 tournament, is June 28th at 5pm, and is a 3-day event.
Event 48, the $1000 rebuy TD2-7 tournament, is June 29th at 5pm, and is also a 3-day event.

Binion's Poker Classic:
Event 28, $100 Stud/8, is June 27th (Wednesday) at 2pm.
Event 29, $100 TD2-7 is June 28th at 2pm.

1. Travel the morning of the 27th, play $100 Stud/8 tournament at Binions and enter the WSOP event the next day. Plan to travel back home on Sunday July 1st.

2. Travel the morning of the 27th (or evening of the 26th), play $100 Stud/8 and $100 TD2-7 on the next two days, travel back on the 29th.

3. Travel on the morning on the 28th, play $100 TD2-7 at Binion's and play WSOP TD2-7 without enough money budgeted to take all the rebuys, plan to return July 2nd.

4. Stay home.

Right now I'm waffling between #4 and #1. I'd really like to play some live TD, though, so #2 has some appeal. #3 is not a good option.
Tags: poker, travel, wsop
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