Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Trying to Present 3CLJF Results

A while back I wrote a program to solve push-or-fold 3-card lowball. I ran it for a variety of pot sizes but wasn't sure how to present the results in a single table.

Here's my first attempt. This table shows the small blind (button) strategy for each stack size from 1 to 10 big blinds.

How to read: Rows are labeled with the two lowest cards, column is the third (highest) card. Each cell is labeled with the hand as well. For each hand, the appropriate action is listed for each stack size or range of stack sizes: either fold, or a number of the form "3/2/1/0". This indicates the number of cards to draw if the big blind calls your push and draws three/two/one,or/zero cards.

In the rare cases where a non-pure strategy is necessary, multiple actions are listed for a stack size with the (rounded) percentages in parentheses afterward. Any percentage left over is a fold.

Each cell is shaded to indicate the maximum stack size at which it can be played.

More information about this game and results (including EVs for this strategy) can be found at

Things I don't like about this arrangement:
* Too much empty space on the left for impossible hands (but I don't like going K-A on top either.)
* I can't figure out how to use the CSS min-width attribute to force the browser to extend the table to the right of the browser window--- instead it text-wraps the cells, making them harder to use.
* Colors are lame, key is missing.
Tags: lowball, poker, theory
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