Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

In Which Mark Gives in to Peer Pressure

I am not pleased with myself. I've never been more upset coming away from a poker win.

The custom at the Artichoke Joe's is to chop the pot at the final table (8 players, where payouts start.) I think this is ridiculous as it transforms the tournament into a satellite-style payout in which 20% of the field gets paid. I was prepared tonight to go in, play aggressively, and demand that we continue play.

Well, I was second in chips entering the final table and I accepted the stupid chop. (I got a few token bucks.) $470 gross, $50 entry fee, 2x $20 rebuys, $40 add on = $340 net. $320 after a dealer tip. First place would have been $1500.

The least I should have done is say, "I want to play down to six players and then chop. That will leave about $3300 in the prize pool. That's $550 each; I'll agree to chop now if the deal gives me that much." I could have gotten the extra $80 probably without any fuss.

But, I wimped out. The chip leader may have felt like continuing play as well, but we didn't stand up to the custom, and gave in to the vocal deal-pushers.

I also felt like I was adapting my play to the expectation of a split rather than pushing for the chip lead.

The hand that put me in 2nd place was in Omaha ($1K/$2K). I had A46Ks in the big blind. The button checked and I was tempted to raise but I didn't want to get in a big confrontation. The flop was KK6. I bet, he raised, we capped it (5 bets.) The turn was a J and the rest of my money went in--- he had me covered by a few hundred. He flipped over KQTx and my hand held up.

The very first hand of that round I was somewhat short-stacked. But I found AA37s UTG, raised, and got one caller, the chip leader. The flop was JJ4; I bet it and was all-in on the turn, a 7. He had KK7x and MHIG. So I won both all-ins I made.

I would not have been quite so short-stacked if I hadn't, in the preceding Hold'em round ($500/$1000), taken A7 against the chip-leader's big blind. I fired three times on the 58935 board but he called me down with an 8.

I had enough chips to donk off $2500 of them because a loose player had limped in from MP and I'd raised with JTs in the cutoff to try to isolate. The SB called all-in for less than a full bet. The board came 389TT and I bet all the way--- though I didn't get called on the river. SB's aces were no good.

Another big hand occurred in the previous Omaha round ($400/800) my 2345 flopped the wheel (A23, two suits) and held up against a set of aces.

I won only two hands that I didn't have to show, in $100/$200 and $300/$600 Hold'em. I raised with some sort of trash (don't remember what) and fired at the raggedy board to take it down against two players. I also had KQ in the BB and saw a Q-high flop, but decided to try to for a check-raise because there were five other people in the pot. Nobody bet the flop, but the SB obligingly bet the rag turn and I raised, clearing out the field. He didn't call on the river.

My strongest Hold'em starting hand was QQ, which was about the second hand I saw at $20/$40 Hold'em. The 67969 board provided two full houses, to 67 and 9x, but I saw showdown anyway.
Tags: hold'em, omaha, poker, rant, tournament
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