Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Still in the Stud/8 tournament

(I tried making a voice post earlier but it doesn't like my phone number or PIN or something.)

The good news is that I made day two of the $1000 WSOP Stud/8 tournament. The bad news is that I only have an ante + three big bets to play with. (Or, 33 antes.)

I did fairly well in the initial levels. The steals I attempted mostly worked and I even got a fold on a bluff-raise with a bare low. At the dinner break (after level 4) I had 6425 chips, three times the starting chips.

I enjoyed meeting sabyl and friends of hers for dinner but couldn't eat much.

Then the wheels came off in level 5. I limped twice when I wanted to raise (oops) and I kept making crappy two pairs and being shown boats. No made lows hand. Down all the way to 2875 chips... bleh!

I made a couple lows (but not good ones) to say alive once we got to level 6. Entering level 7 I had only 2650 chips, after scooping with a (79)AAKK8 flush.

I made up a little ground with a bringin special--- AK3 hits 7K and that's good enough for a scoop. An 85A developed well and I won with the bare low on 6th. Then I gave the chips right back with AJATKK8, because the low hand who bricked fifth made a straight on 6th. His board wasn't scary enough so I bet, got raised, and check/called the river.

Entering level 8 I had about 4000 chips but I went serious card- (and steal-opportunity-) dead. I got A73 as the bringin and made it a full bet. Folded around to a 7 who throws in three chips and then looks surprised because she thought she was raising. She gets a 7, I get a K and fold.

After moving to a new table, I won my only chips for the level with A46 making trip aces, but I bricked 5th so I couldn't make a low. Oh, and I won the color-up. :)

Tomorrow, table 49, seat 3, 3pm, I will see what can be done to improve matters in level 9. 24 tables left, 8 tables pay. (668 players entered so the average stack should be 6600-ish. Only a double-up away, that's not as bad as I thought.)
Tags: poker, stud, tournament, wsop
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